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StoneCoat, the leader in sustainable limestone based veneers, is pleased to announce that its StoneCoat SMOOTH, StoneCoat CARVE and StoneCoat SHIELD are available. These cost-effective, climate positive alternative products provide to traditional cement-based stucco, brick and manufactured stone.

“Our products are EPD-certified sustainable and 90 percent less carbon emissive than other cementitious-based stucco and stone systems. We are actively innovating to produce affordable, low maintenance solutions that will support the building industry in getting to NetZero and beyond,” said Joseph Mrak, StoneCoat CEO.

StoneCoat SMOOTH — The next generation stucco product offers the same flexibility and finishes as traditional stucco, but with the benefit of a breathable, water- and mold- proof material. SMOOTH is compatible with most traditional stucco substrate systems, and in some cases, can be applied directly to an existing surface, such as brick or cement block. Backed by a 20-year warranty, this proprietary stucco blend reduces carbon emissions by 90 percent compared to traditional stucco products.

StoneCoat CARVE — A lightweight stone veneer system suitable for exterior and interior applications, CARVE results in significant space, installation time and cost savings when compared with conventionally installed quarried stone masonry veneer, manufactured stone (cementitious) veneer and traditional stone alternatives. Because CARVE is custom applied in the field by trained and certified artisans, there are an infinite number of natural stone-like appearances that can be created. CARVE includes a 20-year warranty.

StoneCoat SHIELD — A clear, filmless, penetrating water repellant for nearly all vertical concrete masonry and vertical and horizontal installations of natural stone, SHIELD protects homes and buildings from water intrusion, stain damage, free/thaw spalling, efflorescence and rust damage. The treatment does not alter the color or texture of the surface, nor significantly affect the vapor transmission qualities of the substrate. The solution penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts to create a powerful barrier against water penetration.

StoneCoat will also be unveiling the current prototype for its next generation EIFS platform called StoneCoat FUSION®.

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