Lean on iLevel's new Parallam Plus PSL, wrap up with Benjamin Obdyke's Hydrofilament Housewrap and check out the latest from Boise Cascade and Fiberweb

November 30, 2009

Shouldering New Jobs


Many contractors large and small have expanded into multifamily and light commercial projects, and their product needs have upsized. For these customers, Boise Cascade has introduced the BCI 90e series and AllJoist AJS-30 series deep joists with higher design values that meet or exceed any competitive offering and handle higher loads and longer spans up to 441/2 feet. Booth C3474 For more info, go to and enter # 283

You're Surrounded


With Fiberweb's new Surround SR Underlayment, a Typar brand, roofing professionals now have a synthetic underlayment option that offers secondary weather protection and easy installation. Unlike traditional asphalt roofing felt, Surround SR Underlayment is tear-resistant, offers exceptional water holdout and won't wrinkle or absorb water when wet. Booth N1426 For more info, go to and enter # 284

All Wrapped Up


Benjamin Obdyke's Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap creates a path for moisture trapped behind the cladding to flow freely thanks to a 1mm gap created by the wrap's filaments. The wrap ensures that the wall behind the exterior cladding will drain faster and more efficiently, leading to a more-effective building envelope system. Booth C824 For more info, go to and enter # 285

Lean on Me


iLevel by Weyerhaeuser's newly-enhanced Parallam Plus structural parallel strand lumber (PSL) with wolmanized preservative protection offers builders the strength and consistency that is critical for structural framing in exterior applications. The preservative treatment penetrates to the core of the cross section to provide excellent protection. Booth C4083 For more info, go to and enter # 286


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