Study Ranks Global Hipster Havens

April 13, 2018
Woman at a record store
Photo: Unsplash/Jamakassi

Relocation firm MoveHub's Hipster Index ranks 446 cities globally to determine the most hipster city by measuring the number of coffee shops, record stores, tattoo studios, vegan eateries, and vintage boutiques per 100,000 residents. Cities of less than 150,000 people were excluded. 

Portland, Ore. was found to be the most hipster city in the United States, with Salt Lake City close behind. Despite being known as the home of the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City was named in the study as “the complete hipster experience," MarketWatch reports. Overall, American cities mostly dominated the rankings, though the top spot went to Brighton in the United Kingdom. 
If you knew about this list way before it became popular, you just might live in Portland, Oregon. That’s because the City of Roses, in all its microbrew-soaked glory, is clearly the place to be for hipsters. Just ask the moustached 20-something in the flannel shirt and bucket hat outside the Doug Fir Lounge ... No Williamsburg, though, the Brooklyn enclave which earned Thrillist’s “most hipster neighborhood on Earth” because it’s “the German vagina sculpture from which all hipsters are birthed.”

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