Study: These Buyers Want the Same Things

December 12, 2018
Younger and older gentlemen on steps
Photo: Unsplash/John Moeses Bauan

Socially, Millennials and Baby Boomers may disagree on many issues, but at home, their desires are mostly the same, finds new research from

Walk-in showers are popular among both Boomer and Millennial homeowners, though Boomers typically have more money to update their homes with such features than do Millennials, according to the analysis published by MarketWatch. Additionally, smart home tech upgrades in the home are popular with both groups. A HomeAdvisor study finds that more than half of older homeowners install automation software in their homes, and 14 percent install assistive technology in their homes.

Both boomers and millennials care about the size of their homes, but in different ways. Some boomers tend to downsize to smaller houses that require less maintenance. They’re choosing homes like condos and apartments. As for Generation Y, they are looking for bigger homes. Millennial homebuyers are interested in buying bigger homes because they want to start a family and they need to accommodate their children. Not all millennials are looking for space, but as they start families, this is becoming more important.

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