Suburbs Of Seattle, Chicago, And San Jose Among Safest Cities In The U.S.

Rankings were based on factors like rates of violent crime, vehicular mortality, and drug poisoning

November 18, 2016

If you want to live in a city that doesn’t have much violent crime or drug or alcohol use, settling in the Bay Area would be a good idea. Not only is San Jose one of the safest cities in the nation, so are some of its neighbors, including Sunnyvale, Fremont, and Hayward.

SmartAsset ranked the 25 safest large cities in America based on the rates of violent crime, vehicular mortality, drug poisoning, and excessive drinking, along with air quality. San Jose and its suburbs made the list, as did outlying towns outside of Chicago (Naperville, Aurora); Washington, D.C. (Alexandria, Va.); Los Angeles (Irvine, Thousand Oaks, Glendale); Seattle (Bellevue); and New York City (Yonkers, Jersey City, N.J.).

Cary, N.C. has the lowest violent crime rate of all the cities, with only 50 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Santa Rosa, Calif., has the best air quality, and McAllen, Texas, has the lowest drug poisoning mortality rate.

This city near the Mexico border rounds out our top 10 of the safest cities in America. [McAllen] has a population of 140,053 and a violent crime rate of only 108 per 100,000 residents. It also ranks well for drug poisoning mortality rate, percentage of population engaged in excessive drinking, and air quality. McAllen scored in the top 20 in all these metrics.

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