Survey: Builders Adopting Off-Site Construction Methods

January 2, 2019
prefab apartment facade
Photo: Pixabay

A new survey from Home Innovation Research Labs shows that builders are more quickly adopting off-site home construction methods.

The firm surveyed builders in April and December of 2018 to see how sentiment around off-site building solutions is shifting. Roof trusses dominated both surveys as the most widely adopted off-site technology, with about 70 percent of respondents in both surveys saying they would continue using them. Open panels and closed wall panels saw the greatest increases in interest, with both categories doubling the amount of builders planning to use them as of December.

In every category, more builders reported considering the technology within five years over using it within one year, showing that while these methods may take a while to implement, builders are interested in using them in the future. Large builders (those that build 25 or more homes in a year) were also much more likely to be planning to use off-site methods than smaller builders.

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