Survey Says Demand for Connectivity Is Surging

Consumers express a strong interested in acquiring a variety of connected home technologies and applications

By By Susan Bady, Senior Contributing Editor | November 8, 2015
Demand for smart home technology is rising

According to the TecHomeX Homebuyer Survey, shoppers are strongly interested in acquiring a wide variety of connected home technologies and applications. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 51 percent lean toward professional installation for architectural audio and security systems
  • 32 percent lean toward DIY installation for home networks and computer-system monitoring
  • 69 percent are aware of, and interested in purchasing, a system that enables them to perform a wide range of tasks, such as monitoring the inside temperature of their home or locking and unlocking doors from a remote location
  • 36 percent are very interested in 24/7 monitoring and maintenance at a cost of $49 to $99 per month

Asked about installation sources, 66 percent expected their home builder to do the work, but only 38 percent would trust the builder to do a good job. (Ouch!) Home security companies, on the other hand, were trusted by 60 percent of respondents to do a good job.

The survey was conducted this past summer using a panel of consumers maintained by new-home digital marketing entity BDX, in collaboration with AE Ventures, the owners of TecHomeX. View the executive summary here.


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