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lignia fire


In partnership with residential developer SYMBI Homes, PRODUCTS recently completed a high-performance demonstration project in Mt. Rainier, Md., a Washington, DC suburb. 

The pilot project, a for-sale duplex, showcases a higher level of quality, innovation, and sustainability in home building.

As trendsetters in the green building market, SYMBI’s homes push the envelope of both energy conservation and meticulous modern design. “Part of the SYMBI aesthetic is to add a bit of craftsmanship so our homes don’t look like every other production home out there,” says Nicole Tysvaer, CEO of SYMBI Homes. To that end, Tysvaer chose LIGNIA Wood products for the decks, porches and exterior open joint cladding of the model duplex. 

Product Innovation

LIGNIA Fire is a modified wood product with properties that match or exceed those of most hardwoods in terms of beauty, durability, and stability. 

The product has achieved Class A flame spread ratings for both 10- minute and extended 30- minute ASTM E84 tests—impressive results for a wood product. The material is sustainably sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified softwoods and carries a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay.

LIGNIA Fire aligns well with SYMBI’s sustainability principles to incorporate environmentally-friendly materials that look great and stand the test of time. The gorgeous wood grain adds an element of nature to the duplex’s façade, a key aspect of SYMBI’s biophilic design goals. SYMBI homeowners will appreciate that the product is very stable and relatively low maintenance. 

SYMBI selected LIGNIA products for the homes’ exterior’s open-joint cladding, front and rear decking, and exterior stairs. The product can be milled to the builder’s exact specifications. The cladding was smooth and square on all four sides (S4S), measuring ¾-inch x 4 inches and varied in length from 9.5 to 13.5 feet. The decking material was specified as  ¾-inch x 5-inch quarter sawn and pre-grooved for hidden fasteners.

lignia fire

Install of LIGNIA Fire 3/4" x 5” quarter sawn material on the rear decks at SYMBI Duplex One.



“This is the way to go if you want something really beautiful, very durable, and you are trying to be sustainable,” Tysvaer says. To stay within budget, she limited the LIGNIA material to specific accented areas on the exterior. A translucent sealer was applied that will protect it from fading in the sun, which the homeowner will reapply every two to three years.

LIGNIA wood may cost a bit more than a traditional composite product, but Tysvaer feels like it was well worth the splurge to create beautiful, nature-inspired outdoor spaces. “We want the outside of our SYMBI homes to be just as inviting as the interior,” she says.

One of the key aspects of SYMBI is wellness. “There is a lot of research coming out that shows that when humans are connected to nature they thrive, Tysvaer says.. “We are more relaxed, it lowers your blood pressure, you can concentrate better, and it's good for your overall well-being.”   



The completed front elevation of SYMBI Duplex One with LIGNIA Fire S4S 3/4" x 4” open joint cladding. 


Tips from the Builder

For thee installation of LIGNIA’s S4S cladding material, SYMBI carpenters recommend pre-drilling holes and using stainless steel screws;

To preserve the brilliant honey color of LIGNIA wood, SYMBI used one coat of Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Semi Transparent Stain with Polyurethane in the color Crossroads, a translucent product that adds a small amount of pigment to prevent fading from UV rays. 

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