Tailored Homes for Oddly Shaped Lots

July 6, 2015

Homeowners are realizing that, in order to live in a desirable area, they may need to work with oddly-shaped lots.

The Wall Street Journal showcases homes in Colorado, North Carolina, and Rhode Island that were built on “lots that are tiny, oddly shaped, or steeply sloped.”

“Some architects say that designing buildings on unusual sites can provide the kind of creative spark they may not find on more traditional projects,” the article notes.

Take Dave Rizzolo, the project manager during the construction of a vacation home in Rhode Island built on a waterfront lot that is shaped like a triangular wedge. “Sometimes, it’s actually easier to design with a lot of restrictions,” Mr. Rizzolo told The Wall Street Journal. “The constraints can provide direction, and an excuse to experiment with uncommon shapes and forms.”

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