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Fiorano Modenese — On the occasion of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings (25-29 September, Bologna), Terratinta Group invites the public to visit the renovated Headquarters in Fiorano Modenese to discover the latest innovations and the new range extensions that complete an already varied offer. Intriguing combinations of materials, stimulating chromatic alternations and evocative inspirations are the basis of the new proposals of a group that in recent years has been able not only to adapt to the market but to interpret trends in an original and personal way.

Less by Terratinta Ceramiche

Available in four different colours (White, Beige, Taupe and Brown) and different sizes, the Less collection represents the highlighting of the intrinsic beauty of Limestone; an elegant and welcoming natural surface capable of creating a virtual link between nature and space. A product that proves to be extremely versatile, adapting perfectly to the needs of both a commercial establishment and a private individual. Extending both horizontally and vertically, especially thanks to the inclusion in the range of the slab in size 120x280 with a thickness of only 6 mm, Less has no clear boundaries in line with the 'design unlimited' vision. From the bedroom to the bathroom, passing through the kitchen, garden and living area, each room acquires its character, transmitting an enveloping sensation of relaxation ideal for the coming autumn.

Track & Lock by Sartoria

Sartoria offers a new handcrafted collection that enhances the three-dimensional possibilities of ceramics and the modularity of geometric elements. Track & Lock is made of two elements, a sort of track that builds up cladding paths that only come to an end when they meet their closure with Lock. Another original proposal to give shape to truly moving wall coverings, both thanks to the handcrafted shapes that are never the same and to the variety of colours and finishes. Track & Lock offers both matt colours (White, Earth and Black) and glossy colours (Green and Azure) which, in addition to the geometric movement of the materials, also guarantee a colour that is never monotonous or monochrome.

Wald by Ceramica Magica

A natural path, an immersion in the world of wooden nuances: all this is Wald, the new collection by Ceramica Magica that offers pleasant visual artifices by proposing the warm appeal of wood through the magnifying glass of stoneware. It is precisely from the art of cabinet-making that the Wald collection reinvents Boiserie, proposing a reworking of it in porcelain stoneware, size 60x120: the repeating strips are here borrowed from the ceramic surface, offering the variety of wood with the strength of ceramic. A surface that realistically restores the wood effect by reproducing tree essences in four shades of colour, perfect both for rooms with a modern flavour and for those who prefer tradition.

Retreat by Ceramica Magica

Nature is the protagonist in the Retreat collection which, as its name suggests, creates an intimate environment, a refuge made of material mix & match with alternating tones that accompany the gaze into a parallel world where quartzite and porphyry intertwine to create a tribute to the magnificence of nature and where time stands still to pay homage to the millennial history of these stones. Ceramica Magica takes up the challenge to restore the innate beauty of the Earth in an ideal crossroads between past and present where creativity merges with inspiration. The four colours available for quartzite play with reflections and dimensions, perfectly matching the monochrome of porphyry. 

Hexa Square by Terratinta Ceramiche

The iconic Hexa collection by Terratinta Ceramiche returns with a new 15x15 cm size that highlights the desire to further bet on the perfect square as the keystone to create original and infinite compositions. The richness of the colour range once again exalts the role of colour in interior design, a modern mood where the mix of colours alternates with sophisticated monochrome expanses in which the fifteen colours of Hexa offer a universe of opportunities.

Lagom by Terratinta Ceramiche

New thicknesses and dimensions but an indelible essence. The Lagom collection by Terratinta Ceramiche continues in the vein that has ensured its success by highlighting the typical features of stone. In a selection of colours (White, Beige, Oyster and Smoke) Lagom now offers two new sizes: 120x280 cm and 120x120 cm. The 120x280 slab is offered in 6 mm thickness. A material with high technical performance, with the same resistance and reliability as the original collection. The 120x120 size offers new possibilities of use in the thickness of the collection to guarantee the possibility of covering all surfaces with the same material.

Split Circle and Oblique by Sartoria

The new elements of the Split family, the collection of decorative extruded terracotta bricks, are called Oblique and Circle. Split gives life to dynamic compositions that convey the illusion of movement. From aligned to staggered laying, Split goes beyond simple cladding by reinterpreting the classic concept of jellies in a modern key while preserving its traditional soul thanks to the brand's typical craftsmanship. In this way, the breeze blocks evolve from being simple dividing elements to becoming fully-fledged decorative features suitable for both domestic and public spaces.