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Seguin High School's new Construction Trades Booster Club is providing valuable tools to students involved in construction trades courses. With community support from a number of local businesses, the booster club raised $7,000 to donate sets of tools to Seguin students.

The club’s goal is to continue providing support for students pursuing careers in construction by ensuring they have the necessary resources for the classroom and, eventually, materials for future students to build and sell to the community, further funding the club's initiatives, The Seguin Gazette reports.

After recruiting a group of business owners who are invested in the community, the group got together to invest in the children that go to school here and one day will work here, said Moreno.

“I met with the construction trades department and asked how could I help,” he said. “I just started to find out what their needs were. They need tools. They need community support.”

People across many communities form booster clubs to support athletics programs, Moreno said. He questioned why that same sort of model couldn’t be used for construction trades.

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