Texas Tops List of Best U.S. Cities for Conferences

December 5, 2017
Convention center
Photo: Pixabay

Conferences can stimulate a city's economy with increased consumer spending and foot traffic. A new ranking of the top 10 cities for conferences evaluates travel time, crime rates, and hotels.

Three of the top 10 cities are in Texas, with San Antonio in the number one spot, Austin at four, and Houston at six. Austin ranked highly for convenience with shorter travel times to and from the airport, while Houston has 533 hotels, second-most in SmartAsset's study.

San Antonio holds onto the top spot as the best city to hold a conference. This city ranks high because of the large number of hotels and their relative affordability. There are just under 350 hotels in San Antonio, the third-most in our study. A night in a hotel in San Antonio will also only set you back about $127.

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