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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS — ThermaSol®, the industry leader in steam bath equipment and technology since 1958, is enhancing its already stellar family of products with new indoor and outdoor luxury saunas. Available in three design configurations: outdoor barrel, outdoor canopy barrel and indoor, each sauna is hand-crafted from Clear Western Red Cedar or Nordic Spruce. Inspired by the brilliance of Northern European sauna technology and design, ThermaSol’s latest collections offer luxurious features and exceptional detailing from the heater, lumber and accessories to mood lighting and Wi-Fi accessibility.

“For 65 years, ThermaSol has been extolling the virtues of health and wellness using water-based therapies like smart showering and steam; therefore, adding premium saunas to our offering aligns with our mission,” states Patrick Weidl, director of business development for ThermaSol. “These saunas are unlike anything else on the market today and are designed for those who want the very best in a single offering. We make it uncomplicated for individuals seeking a top-tier product, since we specify the best of everything for each sauna.”

The health benefits of saunas have long been known; increased blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, improved cardiovascular function, improved sleep, stress management and relaxation. In Europe, saunas remain an integral part of cultural life, and their global expansion is increasing daily as the benefits and knowledge is passed onto unversed populations. In Finland for instance, there are more than 3,200,000 saunas, and the population is only 5,500,000; in fact there are more saunas than cars!

ThermaSol’s new sauna collections offer the luxury American market a complete best-in-class product assortment with the full range of features standard. Designers and their discerning clients will not have to sift through a myriad of add-ons, since every detail has already been anticipated.

The new Clear Western Red Cedar saunas each have Finnish names, a nod to the origins of the sauna. The Nordic Spruce saunas have Swedish names, another country where the sauna is an integral part of the cultural heritage.

Outdoor Saunas: (Clear Western Red Cedar)

Kiva (Neat/Nice): 4-person outdoor canopy barrel sauna
Kuuma (Hot): 6-person outdoor canopy barrel sauna (pictured)       
Vankka (Joy/Delight): 4-person outdoor barrel sauna
Lepo (Rest/Repose): 6-person outdoor barrel sauna   

Indoor Saunas: (Clear Western Red Cedar or Nordic Spruce)

Halu (Desire/Craving): 4-person indoor sauna (made of Clear Western Red Cedar) (pictured)
Taivas (Heaven): 6-person indoor sauna (made of Clear Western Red Cedar)
Trost (Solace): 4-person indoor spruce sauna (made of Nordic Spruce)
Resten (Restful): 6-person indoor spruce sauna (made of Nordic Spruce)
Himmel (Heaven): 4-person indoor corner-cut spruce sauna (made of Nordic Spruce) 
Fristad (Sanctuary): 6-person indoor corner-cut spruce sauna (made of Nordic Spruce)       


  • Prime Clear Western Red Cedar & Nordic Spruce
  • Best-In-Class Contemporary Floor Heater
  • Authentic Finnish Sauna Rocks/Stones
  • Digital Controller with Wi-Fi – control your heater from anywhere using the Mobile App
  • Full Spectrum LED Mood Lighting with separate control
  • Pre-Hung Tempered All Glass Door
  • Superior Accessory Kit: Stainless Steel Bucket, Ladle, Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Fasteners

Custom-cut saunas are available upon request to fit unique spaces, in the following designs: barrel saunas, canopy barrel saunas, freestanding saunas and with fully outfitted options including heaters and accessories. ThermaSol has a concierge design team for trade and consumers – to configure a wellness solution that’s right for their needs. Visit to schedule an appointment to learn more.