Thrive Home Builders’ New Net Zero

By Owens Corning | June 26, 2016

Owens Corning has changed our way of building and of doing business forever.  
- GENE MYERS, Chairman, Thrive Home Builders

Decades in energy-efficient, sustainable building paved a path to award-winning development for Thrive Home Builders (formerly New Town Builders) of Colorado. Ready to further their pursuit but realizing they had outgrown their local technical resources, Thrive Home Builders approached national building science and sustainability leader Owens Corning with a challenge: Help us build accessible, affordable net zero energy homes with minimal need for solar panels.


Thrive Home Builders’ exceptional commitment to open collaboration in the building science process created an ideal environment for achievement. From objective setting to computer modeling to on-site execution to market demand generation, Thrive Home Builders and Owens Corning functioned as an integrated team looking at the entire thermal and acoustical puzzle, not just the insulation piece. The team had a singular goal in mind: Build demand by translating advanced building science into meaningful homebuyer benefits worth paying for.


Working toward a shared vision, Owens Corning trained Thrive Home Builders subcontractors on the importance of their role in delivering the desired building performance target. The workforce experienced the elevated build standard firsthand helping to establish high build performance, a uniform quality mission and a sense of interdependence.


Eager to reveal the next big thing in building to homeowners, we developed a modern marketing plan. Owens Corning and Thrive Home Builders applied the best of technology to educate prospective homebuyers via app software, QR coding and an interactive homebuyer showroom. Strategically placed in a model home, the Power of Zero Center visually showcases the essence of how Thrive Home Builders and Owens Corning are building better homes together.


We didn’t just help Thrive Home Builders build a new net zero home; we helped them establish a new benchmark in home construction. From idea to major advancement in a short 4-month timeframe, the collaboration was recognized by the US Department of Energy with the 2013 Housing Innovation Award.

Owens Corning has been shaping the quality and comfort of living and working spaces for more than 70 years. We’re in the business of shifting concept to differentiating builder practice. Brilliance in building should not be reserved for prototypes and show homes; we believe in standardizing the latest and greatest in sustainable build practices by making it cost effective and accessible to all new homebuyers. 


Are you ready to translate our building science expertise and your passion into meaningful homeowner benefits worth paying for? Contact your Owens Corning area sales manager today to help your company establish a new paradigm in better building.


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