Tips For Designing A Wet Bar At Home

June 14, 2017

When designing a​ home​ bar​, the background is just as important as the stools and bar top. Nice cabinetry can store and display cocktail glasses and a collection of spirits, and a mirror can make the room seem bigger.

Zillow Porchlight offers dozens of tips and pointers for designing and installing a wet bar in a house. Consider adding an ice maker for easy access to ice, but skip the sink, which just takes up counter space.

Dual zone refrigerators and wine coolers are easy to install, and for bar areas tight on space, consider tiny appliances that are meant for yachts and motor homes.

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous and creative. Add drama by painting cabinetry a bright color, or add a high-gloss lacquer finish. You can make a bold statement in a small space. Hang a funky pendant light or mount two sconces to showcase your small saloon. Lighting is essential, because it helps to highlight and frame the space.

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