The Top 5 Landscaping Trends for 2020

January 6, 2020
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The ground may be chilled in much of the United States, but it is never too early to dream about landscaping. From contemporary to transitional, 2020 trends for landscaping focus on simplicity, practicality, and personalization. Classic Blue, Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, will also be making an appearance in a big way in gardens this year.  If you’re looking to spruce up your lawn or add irresistible landscaping to your next build, here are some of the top trends for the 2020. 

Most folks want to start the new year with some serious self-improvement: Lose 20 pounds, write the next great American novel—and, yes, finally whip that scraggly backyard into shape. But when it comes to landscaping changes, where should they start?

Well, you're in luck: The National Association of Landscape Professionals has predicted the top design styles, colors, and smart tech of 2020. What's most striking is this appears to be the year of, well, you. Personal style is going to be big this year, from the patterns chosen in the hardscaping (pathways or sidewalks) to the elements chosen for the outdoor space.

"People are more interested [these days] in decor on the inside of their home, and that translates into the outside of their home," says Lisa Stryker, spokeswoman for the association, which represents almost 1 million landscape and lawn and tree care professionals nationwide.

"With the rise of Pinterest and social sharing, there’s so much more focus on design in general. They see design as a reflection of their personal style, and that carries to the outside living spaces as well,” Stryker explains.

Here are the big landscaping trends for 2020:

1. Ornate, geometric designs are catching on

Homeowners are eager to take the latest interior design patterns—and bring them outside. More folks are incorporating waves, lattice, and basketweave designs and textured materials into the layout of their backyards. Even porcelain tiles, traditionally used in bathrooms, are popping up outside the home, appearing in walkways, patios, and retaining walls. Natural stones have also remained very popular.

"Materials can be used in many design patterns and shapes," says Stryker. "Patterns that have become popular, like that chevron pattern (a repeating V), are used on the outside."

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