Top 5 U.S. Markets for Single-Family Homes

Denver ranks high for demand

April 16, 2015
Top 5 U.S. Markets for Single-Family Homes
Top 5 U.S. Markets for Single-Family Homes

HousingWire uses data from to track which markets are the best for single-family home sales based on rising home prices, affordability, and strong demand.

In descending order, the strongest single-family markets are Denver, San Antonio, Nashville, Tenn., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Dallas.

According to Executive Vice President Rick Sharga, there has been much significant regional variances in terms of both price appreciation and sales volume.

“Earlier in the recovery, most of the growth came from markets that had suffered the biggest declines during the housing bust, but what we’re seeing today is more in line with fundamental economic trends: markets with the best job growth and population growth are recovering most quickly,” Sharga tells HousingWire.

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