The Top Landscape Architecture Trends For 2016

March 14, 2016

As with many current trends for homebuilding, efficiency and sustainability are a major focus for just about everyone, from consumers to architects to builders. Like other designers and architects, landscape architects are seeing the desire for more sustainable practices, as well.

According to, the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects revealed that members saw the most demand for water-saving residential landscaping.

The survey respondents rated the expected popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements in 2016, and the results showed the greatest demand for outdoor living spaces that are environmentally sustainable, reduce water costs, and are low maintenance.

Topping the list of project types expected to have the highest consumer demand was rainwater/graywater harvesting with 88 percent of respondents listing it. Native plants (86 percent), native/adapted drought tolerant plants (85 percent), and low-maintenance landscapes (85 percent) were also ranked highly.

For design elements, the top three most popular were fire pits/fireplaces (75 percent), lighting (67 percent), and wireless/internet connectivity (66 percent). Sports courts, spa features, and swimming pools ranked highest in expected popularity for outdoor recreation amenities.

To read the entire report and see a full list of the design trends and elements for 2016, click the link below.

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