The Top Metros Where Buyers Can Get More Space for Less Money

July 27, 2020
View of Youngstown, Ohio's downtown
By SeanPavonePhoto

A recent survey found prospective homebuyers’ most wanted feature is more space. The site recently gathered data to find which areas in the U.S. give buyers more house for less money. After reviewing the median list price per square foot in the top 100 metros, the top three states with affordable larger homes are Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kansas, according to In order to diversify the list, the team only chose one town from each state. Did your town make the list? Read more to find out.

It's been a long spring and summer, in which most of us have spent way too much time indoors—and longing for more space. These days, the idea of a home office or backyard playground sounds just as exciting as a hot new neighborhood bar or tropical vacation used to be.

So we decided it was the perfect time to crunch the data to find out where in America you can get the most house for your money. Because, as we learned from a recent survey of home shoppers, buyers' most-wanted home feature in this age of COVID-19 is more space—indoors and out. We're here to help, friends!

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