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OMAHA, Neb — TRUEGRID, the world's leading permeable paver company, introduces TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Pavers. This advanced patented design serves as a method for stabilizing grass, eliminating the need for ground excavation. With its exceptional durability and use of recycled materials, ROOT offers an affordable, high-performance solution for various sectors, including commercial, hospitality, residential, public and private aviation, as well as vehicle parking and storage industries.

ROOT can effortlessly be positioned on existing grass surfaces, functioning as a protective mesh that enables pedestrians, cars, and trucks to park or traverse the surface without creating mud or ruts. The engineered design is comprised of flexible joints, extremely strong cell walls, and robust connectors. Its patented X-Anchor technology distributes the weight from people and vehicle tires and spreads the point load to the existing soil below. Over time, ROOT naturally becomes completely covered with grass, seamlessly blending into the surroundings like a normal turfgrass area. 

"TRUEGRID's products stand out as the premier permeable pavements in the industry, and ROOT is no exception," says Mike Kennaw, Vice President & General Manager at SBP Division of Airlite Plastics Co. "ROOT protects living grass roots from compaction and eliminates the formation of muddy and rutted sections, which are common issues of unsupported grass. Its design also maintains the hydrology of a site and prevents pollutants from infiltrating the groundwater supply."

ROOT is constructed entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene, underscoring its environmentally friendly attributes—shared with the entire TRUEGRID product line. This material not only aids in purifying water by removing contaminants before it reaches the water table but also mitigates the “urban heat island effect” commonly linked with concrete and asphalt paving. The ROOT system can be directly installed on existing grass surfaces and is adaptable to accommodate tree roots. This design ensures the preservation of the surface's ability to facilitate the exchange of CO2 and oxygen, effectively preventing the suffocation of trees, a concern often caused by impermeable pavements. By enabling water to reach the roots of trees, TRUEGRID significantly contributes to their well-being. Moreover, the even distribution of the load from vehicle tires over a larger area minimizes the pressure exerted on tree roots.

Additionally, ROOT helps landowners circumvent impervious cover limits imposed by cities and regulating bodies. As ROOT does not alter the pre-installation stormwater runoff, it allows for the avoidance of taxes and fees associated with stormwater management and treatment, which arise due to increased runoff.

For projects requiring demarcations for parking, traffic flow, or drivable boundaries, ROOT STRIPES offers a great solution. Manufactured in white, STRIPES can be embedded within ROOT and connected to the grid before installation, effectively indicating the separation between ROOT-protected grass and unprotected turf.