Two-Tone Vinyl Windows

July 11, 2016

A growing design trend across the U.S. is the use of two-tone windows. A dark window exterior can accent a variety of building styles, while a lighter more neutral interior color helps to maintain design flexibility in a living room or bedroom. But the two-tone color trend poses a challenge because dark colors absorb more solar heat, which can lead to warping in vinyl window frames. To combat this, Ply Gem’s new 1500 Vinyl Collection uses beige, clay, dark bronze, or black color co-extruded capstock over white profiles (the color is within the product, not painted on) to reflect sunlight and limit fading (Brickmould Craftsman Dark Bronze, shown). The line is fully customizable and allows builders to pay only for the upgrade options they want without getting ones they don’t need. The 1500 Collection is Ply Gem’s first window line available with its Sound Transmission Control glass technology to dampen sound and reduce outside noise pollution.


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