The Upgrade Home Buyers Can’t Live Without: LiftMaster Elite Series

By LiftMaster | October 26, 2016

More builders name LiftMaster as their top choice. A few key features make the Elite Series a must-have for home buyers and an easy sell-in for builders.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, builders Fulton Homes and Robson Resort Communities have embraced a personalized approach to home buying that’s leading to more customers opting for upgrades.

Both businesses build with LiftMaster® exclusively and don’t intend on switching brands. In particular, two models from LiftMaster’s Elite Series® line are in high demand: the 8550W DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener, one of the brand’s top-selling units, and the 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener, the only one of its kind for residential applications.

Robson design consultant Cheryl Cooper identifies Elite Series models as an easy sell. “They include features that are beneficial to customers and make their lives easier,” she says. They’re equally popular within Fulton Homes communities, with 50% of buyers upgrading to Elite Series, according to Vice President of Operations Dennis Webb.

A few key features make the Elite Series a must-have for home buyers and an easy sell-in for builders:


The free MyQ App lets homeowners check if their garage door was left open and close it from anywhere. 

Fulton Homes is offering home automation packages that include the 8550W, which has Wi-Fi built in so users can connect to MyQ in minutes. “We’re making smart technology standard,” says Webb. “Our customers like being able to access the home from their phone at any time.” Cooper says MyQ is especially convenient for residents with summer homes in Robson’s PebbleCreek community, who often need to control their garage door from a distance and want to know it’s actually closed.


With Battery Backup, the garage door opener stays operational even when the power’s out.

In areas like PebbleCreek that are prone to frequent power outages from dust storms, Cooper says residents are always sold on the added reassurance of Battery Backup. It’s a standard feature in the 8550W and is available as an add-on for the 8500. “I tell my customers, ‘You’ll be able to get in your garage with this system no matter what,’” says Cooper. “It’s an extra feature that they’re excited to have.”


Elite Series openers are ultra quiet so homeowners will barely hear them working. 

“Quiet operation is a huge plus for my customers,” Cooper says. That’s part of the reason why the 8550W is the #1 seller at PebbleCreek—the belt drive makes it virtually silent. But the wall-mount 8500 is also quiet, especially for rooms above the garage. Webb says a big selling point is that it eliminates noisy vibrations through the ceiling.


Builders trust LiftMaster openers to provide years of reliable performance.

For both Fulton Homes and Robson, product longevity and reliability matter to both buyers and builders alike. “Warranty is really important,” says Cooper. “For the 8550W, lifetime coverage of the motor and belt is key.” Webb points out the Elite Series has had nothing short of a reliable track record within his communities. “LiftMaster has great, high-quality products that last,” says Webb.  

By offering the LiftMaster Elite Series as an upgrade, builders like Fulton Homes and Robson Resort Communities continue to hook home buyers on its advanced features and long-lasting performance. For them, the choice is clear: build with LiftMaster. 

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