U.S. moving closer to building zero-net energy communities

Lancaster, Calif., is one community incorporating the latest water- and energy-saving technology into homes.

By Peter Fabris, Contributor | November 25, 2014

The United States is getting closer to building sustainable and resilient zero-net energy (ZNE) communities. ZNE development has so far been confined to individual projects. Now, cities are looking at how to extend ZNE goals to large-scale developments and even entire communities. A Sacramento-area town is one community targeting net-zero.

“KB Home’s groundbreaking efforts to incorporate the latest water- and energy-saving technology into homes have been simply astounding,” said Lancaster, Calif., Mayor R. Rex Parris following the unveiling of a ZeroHouse there. “These are exactly the type of partners we need in our journey to become the nation’s first net-zero city.”

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