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3D Printed Homes Project Tracker

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3D Printed Homes Project Tracker

Utopia editors bring you the latest project news and technology trends in the 3D printed homes market

Utopia Staff
December 12, 2023
3D printed home tracker, Habitat for Humanity home
THE LATEST: Black Buffalo 3D cuts ribbon on two new 3D-printed Habitat for Humanity homes

3D construction printing is one of the hottest technology trends in home building. Utopia editors have launched our 3D Printed Homes Project Tracker to help builders, architects, and other housing industry professionals stay on top of the latest project news and technology trends in the fledgling 3D printed homes market.

In this project tracker page, we're collecting the latest 3D projects, market news, research, and tech trends. Expect regular updates of the page. And for all your 3D construction printing news, read it here on Utopia.


Black Buffalo 3D cuts ribbon on two new Habitat for Humanity homes (Black Buffalo 3D, LinkedIn) — December 12, 2023

3d printed house habitat for humanity
Photo courtesy Black Buffalo 3D

"‘Do you have any printed homes nearby that we can see?’ On December 12 the dedication ceremony for two 3D printed homes streamed live on Habitat for Humanity Peninsula & Greater Williamsburg Facebook page. View it through this link: https://bit.ly/3Rz1xNx or email us at questions@blackbuffalo.io if you'd like to attend in person or to reserve a 3D construction printer to start printing structural homes and buildings."

Watch the ribbon cutting video

Check out some of our other project tracking pages:


Alquist 3D to Transform Greeley, Colorado, into Epicenter of 3D Construction Printing (Alquist 3D) — October 9, 2023

Businessmen talking
Zachary Mannheimer with Governor Jared Polis, Senator Michael Bennet, and Aims Community College President Dr. Leah Bornstein on Friday, October 6 in Greeley, Colorado. Photo courtesy Alquist 3D

"Alquist 3D (A3D) is leveraging a $4+ million public-private partnership with the City of Greeley and State of Colorado to make the region the new epicenter of 3D construction-printing technology in the U.S. A3D is moving its headquarters to Greeley following a unanimous City Council vote to incentivize the company.

A3D believes 3D printing is the gateway to getting young people back into the trades. Greeley-based Aims Community College has entered into a strategic partnership with A3D to do the following: administer Alquist’s 8-week certificate course for job training and workforce development; build a permanent, 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on campus to house the Alquist production line; and collaborate with students and faculty on all future projects and creations."

Read the full article


Mighty Buildings raises $52 million co-led by Wa’ed Ventures and BOLD Capital to accelerate global expansion (Mighty Buildings) — September 12, 2023

Construction people in front of 3D construction printer
Photo courtesy Mighty Buildings

"Mighty Buildings, the leader in 3D printing construction technology known for its prefabricated, environmentally friendly and climate-resilient homes, today announced that it has raised $52 million in funding. This latest round demonstrates strong investor confidence in Mighty Buildings' innovative offsite 3D printing construction technology.

The round was co-led by Wa’ed Ventures, the $500 million innovation-focused venture capital fund backed by Saudi Aramco, and by BOLD Capital Partners, a U.S. disruption and transformation focused venture firm. Existing investor Khosla Ventures and new investor KB-Badgers, a South Korean fund focused on advanced manufacturing, automation, and sustainability, were among a total of almost 20 investors in the round. New investors contributed more than half of the funds raised."

Read the full article


Black Buffalo 3D and Saudi Ready Mix sign MOU to Bring Code Compliant Structural 3D Construction Ink to Saudi Arabia (Black Buffalo 3D, PR Newswire) — September 6, 2023

3d printed house in progress
Photo courtesy Black Buffalo 3D

"Black Buffalo 3D, a leading provider of structural 3D construction printers and materials, and Saudi Readymix Concrete Co.—the leading producer of ready-mix and related products in Saudi Arabia—have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to manufacture Black Buffalo 3D's proprietary structural ink utilizing local materials and to partner in the creation of regional 3d construction printing materials, mixes, and additional 3D construction ink formulas.

Black Buffalo 3D's commitment to scaling adoption of 3D construction printing begins with finding the right partner to manufacture reliable, sustainable, and easy to use ink that can be produced with locally available materials. Saudi Readymix will provide access to its R&D facilities and vast network to assist in development and testing of a regionalized 3D ink that can be used in any 3d construction printer in the region to print housing, commercial buildings, and infrastructure components on demand."

Read the full article


First 3D Printed Home Completed in California's Wildfire-Impacted Landscape (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — July 20, 2023

Ribbon cutting at inauguration of California’s first 3D printed house
Ribbon cutting at inauguration of California’s first 3D printed house. Representatives from Emergent, AccessHome, the City of Redding, Don Ajamian Construction, and more. Photo courtesy COBOD

"Emergent, a pioneer in advanced construction technology, proudly announces the completion of the first 3D Concrete Printed (3DCP) home in California. The event marks a significant milestone, with the property conforming fully to the state's stringent building codes, the most rigorous in the United States, driven among other by regional seismic activity.

The landmark project at 1,200 square feet, unveiled in a ribbon-cutting ceremony near Redding's Reginato Boat Ramp last week, serves as an example of Emergent's commitment to revolutionizing construction techniques. Using COBOD's state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, the firm aims to create homes that are more durable, disaster-resilient and in tune with the surrounding environment."

Read the full article


PERI 3D Construction Starts Europe's First 3D Printed Public Building: A Two-Story Football Clubhouse (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — July 4, 2023

Rendering of Europe's First 3D Printed Public Building, a football clubhouse in Nordkirchen, Germany
Europe's first 3D printed public building, a football clubhouse in Nordkirchen, Germany. Rendering courtesy COBOD

"Leading the charge for using innovative building technology in the form of 3D construction printers, PERI 3D Construction is set to create Europe's first-ever 3D printed football club facility and public building. This initiative, located in Nordkirchen, Germany, exemplifies the transformative shift towards 3D construction printing in various sectors beyond residential construction.

Utilizing the largest printer configuration to date by PERI 3D Construction, a COBOD BOD2 model measuring 25 meters (83 feet) long, 15 meters (50 feet) wide, and 10 meters (33 feet) high, the future SC Capelle football clubhouse will boast a usable floor space of approximately 330 m2 (3.550 SF). The estimated completion time using 3D printing technology is projected to be only approximately 140 hours, highlighting the technology’s potential for rapid, efficient, and sustainable construction."

Read the full article


Europe's Largest 3D Printed Building is Being Constructed in Germany (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — May 4, 2023

Rendering of 3D printed server hotel in Germany
PERI Serverhotel in Heidelberg, Germany. Rendering courtesy COBOD, SV Architekten

"Europe’s largest 3D printed building is initiated by KRAUSGRUPPE, a project developer, builder, investor, real estate manager, and broker in the Heidelberg area. The city has always been at the forefront of innovation as it is a city of science. Now, that the Campbell Barracks have been renovated, the city will have a ground-breaking testament of 3D construction printing technology that will revolutionize the building sector. This ground-breaking project is being built for Heidelberg IT Management GmbH & Co. KG, a cloud and data center provider.

The building is approximately 54m long, 11m wide and 9m high. The construction process started 31st of March and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2023. It will serve as an IT server hotel, and is set to become one of the most technologically advanced and innovative buildings in the region."

Read the full article


Experience The Power of 3D Construction Printing with the Brand New COBOD Virtual Reality Solution (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — April 24, 2023

Businessman in VR headset for 3D printed homes project
Photo courtesy COBOD

"COBOD, the leading global manufacturer of 3D construction printers, is pleased to announce the launch of its unique Virtual Reality (VR) solution for 3D construction printing. This innovative solution allows potential customers to experience live 3D construction printing in real-time, right in front of their eyes in virtual reality. At many occasions, it is not practical or convenient for people to experience real-time printing of buildings due to their location or timing.

With COBOD's new VR solution, individuals can watch many of the company's real printed buildings being constructed in a virtual residential area, complete with trees, cars, and other objects, for an even more realistic experience. With the help of technology, people get into the heart of an already well-known and widely used program, the COBOD Configurator. Virtual Reality helps people experience the real size of a 3D concrete printer in different configurations. Also, individuals can witness close up of the gantry printer work and see how layer by layer the house is created."

Read the full article


3D Construction Printing Company Already Has Pre-Orders Following Its Recent Product Launch (David Willey, Benzinga) — March 29, 2023

Website screenshot Apis Cor investing article
Photo courtesy Benzinga

"Apis Cor is a Florida-based construction company that develops and manufactures proprietary 3D printing machines. It is currently raising funds for its mission of transforming the construction industry and helping companies increase their output and profitability. Apis Cor is looking to deliver a solution to meet this desperate need [of residential homes] with its 3D construction printing machines. Just as power tools like the electric drill transformed the construction industry by replacing hand tools, Apis believes it is delivering the next stage of construction through its 3D machines.

It gained recognition when in 2019 it built what remains the Guinness World Record’s largest 3D-printed building and won first place in a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 3D-Habitat Challenge, building an autonomous 3D printing construction technology that could be applied to housing on Earth and Mars. The company has already received 18 paid pre-orders for its machines since the sales launch in January, bringing in $11.2 million in projected revenue, and Apis Cor anticipates this number will continue to grow."

Read the full article


Black Buffalo 3D Takes Home NAHB Sponsored GOLD AWARD for Global Innovation at The Nationals (Black Buffalo 3D, PR Newswire) — February 9, 2023

Black Buffalo 3D team posing with GOLD AWARD from NAHB
Photo courtesy Black Buffalo 3D, NAHB

"Black Buffalo 3D Corporation (BB3D) has been awarded the gold Global Innovation award at The Nationals for providing the first 3D printed construction solution to comply with the ICC-ES AC509.

The recognition of the BB3D construction printing solution is an industry honor only possible thanks to the hard work of its team and its partner on material development MAPEI Corporation. This year had the largest pool of applicants, with over 70 companies competing for the Gold Award."

Read the full article


North America's First 3D Printed 2-Story Building Erected by nidus3D in Ontario, Canada (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — September 14, 2022

Webpage COBOD newsdesk 3D printing article
Photo courtesy COBOD

"While the US and Canada have seen several 3D printed buildings in recent years, until now all of these have been single-story buildings. Now Canadian 3D construction printing company, nidus3D, is proving, that there is much more to 3D construction printing, than just smaller one-story houses. The completion of the printing of this 2-story building in Ontario, marks the building as the first multi-story 3D printed building in North America."

Read the full article


CEMEX Invests in COBOD’s Revolutionary 3D Printing Tech (COBOD, Mynewsdesk) — July 25, 2022

Two businessmen shaking hands 3d printing
Photo courtesy COBOD

"CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. (“CEMEX”) announced today that CEMEX Ventures, its corporate venture capital and open innovation unit, is investing in COBOD, a global leader in construction-grade 3D printers. This investment is part of CEMEX´s strategy to deliver a superior customer experience enabled by digital technologies."

Read the full article


First 3D Habitat home in the country wins award; another home planned on the Peninsula later this year (Wilford Kale, Virginia Gazette) — June 24, 2022

Alquist 3D CEO Zachary Mannheimer with James City County resident April Stringfield and her son Azayveon

"JAMES CITY — The 3D-printed home project of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg has received the Innovation Project of the Year Award from the Home Builders Association of Virginia. Janet V. Green, chief executive officer of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, expressed gratefulness for the recognition for the James City County project, which she said 'adds another tool enabling us to make Habitat homes more affordable to build'."

Read the full article


GE Renewable Energy announces minority investment in COBOD International (COBOD International) — May 5, 2022

COBOD handshake with Matteo Belucci and Lund-Nielsen

"BGE Renewable Energy today announced a minority investment in COBOD International, the company providing the 3D printer used at the Bergen research facility. Officials from both companies said the investment will build on an existing relationship with COBOD International, a leading player in 3D construction printing solutions, first undertaken in 2019.  COBOD is experiencing double digit growth and the global market leader within 3D construction printing with more than 50 3D construction printers sold world-wide. Financial details on the investment were not disclosed."

Read the full article


Black Buffalo 3D and MAPEI Announce Complete 3D Construction Printing Solution with Launch of Planitop(R) 3D Construction Ink (Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, PR Newswire) — May 4, 2022

Michael Woods Black Buffalo 3D Planitop ink

"Black Buffalo 3D Corporation—a leading provider of large-scale 3D construction printers—and MAPEI Corporation—a leading construction materials provider for the building industry—have announced a strategic research, development, and manufacturing partnership for the 3D construction printing industry. Their first collaboration—Planitop 3D—is made to work with NEXCON 3D Construction printers for better performance at a fraction of the cost of existing building materials. The combination of equipment and materials will be utilized in the recently announced 200 home community being printed by Alquist 3D in Pulaski, VA."

Read the full article


Apis Cor and VPG Enterprise Announce Partnership to Design, Develop and 3D Print Affordable Homes in New Orleans (Apis Cor, Globe Newswire) — April 18, 2022

Apis Cor and VPG Enterprise Announce Partnership to Design, Develop and 3D Print Affordable Homes in New Orleans

"Apis Cor, the company that prints buildings, and VPG Enterprise, a leading developer of affordable and workforce housing, today announced their partnership to 3D-print homes in the greater New Orleans area. As partners, Apis Cor and VPG are designing 3D-printable houses that can be reproduced quickly and at affordable prices. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023."

Read the full article


DOD Building Largest 3D-Printed Structures in Western Hemisphere (David Vergun, DOD News) — April 5, 2022

The Defense Department to build 3D printed structures

"The Defense Department, in partnership with the private sector, is building three transient training barracks using advanced 3D printing technology. The project, which is being spearheaded by the Defense Innovation Unit, is expected to be completed within 10 months. At more than 5,700 square feet each, these barracks will each be the largest 3D-printed structures in the Americas."

Read the full article


New tool for contractors and real estate developers: COBOD releases the world's first 3D construction printer configurator (Philip Knudsen, COBOD) — March 14, 2022

COBOD announces 3D printing configurator web app and phone app

"More and more 3D printed buildings are showing up all over the world. With the world's first configurator for 3D construction printers, made by COBOD International, contractors and developers can now estimate the time to 3D print a specific building and calculate the amount of concrete materials needed. For instance, the configurator shows layer by layer how the printer can build a 170 m2 (1.900 square feet) villa in just 26 hours."

Read the full article


Alquist uses 3D-printing technology to build homes with Habitat For Humanity (Novid Parsi, Utopia) — January 17, 2022

Alquist prints with 3d printing technology for Habitat For Humanity

"A few days before Christmas, April Stringfield and her son received the keys to a new 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Williamsburg, Va. But the property wasn’t just another new build. Alquist, an Iowa-based 3D-printing construction company, used a COBOD 3D printer to create the concrete walls of the 1,200-square-foot home."

Read the full article


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