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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction

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Image: Paul Brennan, Pixabay

If you want to succeed as a homebuilder, be prepared to embrace change. That’s just one of the takeaways from UTOPIA’s exclusive survey of young housing industry leaders, who shared their thoughts on the homebuilding market, production challenges, and areas ripe for transformation.

UTOPIA connected with these housing leaders in a partnership with ProBuilder magazine to survey more than 90 of ProBuilder’s past and current 40 Under 40 winners about their vision for the future of the homebuilding industry. The resulting report, “Housing’s Leaders on the Future of Construction and Homebuilding,” is presented in three parts. This is Part 3. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2.)

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These young leaders and rising stars bring a fresh perspective and a tech-first mindset to the business of homebuilding. Represented in this 40 Under 40 group are production builders, custom builders, multifamily developers, designers, architects, and startup entrepreneurs.

And they are eager for innovation. What would they change? Here’s the top 7 stumbling blocks they see, according to Part 1 of our 40 Under 40 research.

Homebuilding needs to “TRY MORE THINGS,” said one survey respondent, embracing the emphasis of all caps in his response. “So many people are so resistant to change in the industry right now, whether it’s sales, marketing, or the way they build. The world is changing, and our industry must change with it.”

Part 3 of the report covers:

  • The biggest challenges our housing industry leaders expect to face in 2021
  • Homebuilding business segments that have seen the most innovation
  • Industry segments that are most in need of innovation
  • The most important factors to successful career growth in homebuilding
  • How home design and amenities are changing amid the pandemic