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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction

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The newly launched Smart Decathlon for innovative Professionals was founded by Richard King, CEO of Creative Energy and the Founder and former Director of the U.S. Dept. of Energy Solar Decathlon. Photo courtesy Richard King

Smart Decathlon for innovative Professionals, SDiPro, launched a partnership with the Energy & Environmental Builders Alliance (EEBA) to jumpstart consumer demand and ramp up sales of high-performance homes through a compelling competition.

SDiPro was created to accelerate the large-scale production and sale of healthy, resilient, energy-efficient homes for today’s consumers at affordable price points.

SDiPro is focused on innovation in 21st century dwellings equipped youwith the latest and greatest “smart” technology. In this competition, professional builders, design firms, developers, and start-ups will strive to outdo each other in 10 juried virtual design contests in the spring of 2021.

The following year, those competitors will build and showcase their state-of-the-art residential units at on-site events across the country. During highly publicized marketplaces, the public will be invited to tour these unique models, with options for immediate purchase.

The goal? To highlight the nation’s best high-performance builders and selling more green homes to eager consumers.

“My experience as Founder and former Director of the U.S. Dept. of Energy Solar Decathlon showed me the power of challenging competitions that motivate inventive thinking beyond our wildest dreams,” said Richard King, CEO, Creative Energy. “Over and over again, collaborative problem-solving spawned clever innovation among student teams, while thousands of enthusiastic visitors clamored to experience those dwellings. Now it’s time to get professionals involved. Imagine how fired up the public will be with a competition of professionals that pushes the envelope even further, including models for sale on the spot.”

What is the Smart Decathlon for Innovative Professionals?

As the first professional contest ever to feature both virtual and physical models of residential units with active public engagement, SDiPro aims to pivot the green building industry toward center stage. With contests that emphasize architecture, interior design and adaptability, water conservation, health and safety, engineering, sustainable materials, energy self-sufficiency, marketing and media, and affordability, teams can shine in a variety of ways. SDiPro strongly encourages start-ups, entrepreneurs, and minority businesses to get involved, and inclusion of “new talent” is emphasized as one of the ten contests.

The reality of climate change requires bold steps, innovative solutions, and swift action. In partnering with EEBA, the nation’s leading community dedicated toward sustainable building, SDiPro will be a spark plug to ignite consumer knowledge about the green building industry. The result? Higher demand for residential units as “safe sanctuaries” that are resilient, carbon-free, and sustainably-built, due to extensive publicity and increased awareness.

“EEBA has been a partner of Solar Decathlon for many years, and we’ve seen the competition motivate students to join the high-performance building industry, as well as ideas from the students inspiring new and more sustainable construction methods within our community. Our partnership with SDiPro is a natural extension of this relationship with our joint goals of accelerating the adoption of zero health impact, zero energy and zero carbon home at scale, providing the perfect showcase and sales platform for the great homes offered by EEBA Community Members.” Aaron C. Smith, CEO, EEBA.

How to Join the Smart Decathlon for Innovative Professionals Competition

Application guidelines and an entry form are available on the SDiPro website: Entry is open until March 1, 2021.

Applicants that show clear understanding of green building standards, savvy marketing, technical content, management expertise, and innovative conceptual renderings will be invited to participate.

Teams selected submit required documentation for the competition by July 1, 2021.

On-site events that showcase model homes for the public take place in Spring 2022.

Partners and Sponsors

SDiPro’s success depends on the generosity of partners and sponsors. This support will help drive needed market transformation to stimulate the push toward healthier, greener homes available to the public at affordable prices. Contact the SDiPro team to learn about the best fit for your organization.

About SDiPro: Created in 2020, SDiPro is a new competition for green building professionals that aims to accelerate the development and availability of zero energy, high-performance dwellings with innovative “smart” 21st century features as optimal choices to preserve the long-term health of our planet.