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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction

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4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

In 2021, our favorite exterior material will once again be a go-to solution for homeowners and building owners alike, thanks to its versatility, stunning style and unbeatable protection.

While fiber cement isn’t a new product, the applications and designs we’re seeing are truly innovative. Here are a few fiber cement trends we’re sure you’ll see brought to life throughout 2021.

#1: Using Distinct Shapes to Add Detail

Fiber cement siding gives homeowners and building owners a few ways to showcase detail on their exterior. The cottage design above employs both vertical and horizontal panels on the exterior and features a unique window design and clean color palette to give the home maximum curb appeal. The fresh white trim draws attention to the distinctive squares and curves of the cottage’s front facade.

4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

Exterior designs everywhere can benefit from the versatility of fiber cement, and homebuilders all across the United States rely on fiber cement to deliver outstanding home design. “We use the board and batten, the texture pieces, various shapes. It gives us the ability to add character and interest on the streetscapes,” said Jay Kallos for Ashton Woods.

#2: The Bold Use of Color

4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

Homeowners are getting more daring in their exterior design, and are starting to employ darker colors (like charcoal, deep blue, or black) to make their home’s style stand out. Bold and dark colors will also work on trim and other exterior details, if homeowners want a way to update their exterior but aren’t ready for a big change.

To get that visual “pop”, extreme contrast is the name of the game. That’s why you’ll see more and more homeowners and builders choose to use white siding with black trim, including the gutters and balcony railings. With this trend, you don’t have to worry about availability. Black and white are two of the most commonly available colors in almost all exterior products, so you won’t have to wait for a custom paint job. And the end look is just stunning. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, something that most homeowners want to do these days.

#3: Enhancing Exteriors With Texture

Homeowners can add visual interest and texture to their exterior with a combination of fiber cement, paired with other materials and products.

4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

Mixing textures is a great way to add contrast to your exterior, and using different finishes and veneers gives any home design a dynamic look. The exterior above successfully combines fiber cement and stone veneer for a high-contrast and gorgeous design. Pairing the natural look of stone with the crisp white and dark tones on the facade adds distinction to the home’s handsome exterior.

#4: Choosing More Responsible Materials

4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

Fiber cement has been popular for decades, and the material stays on-trend because it’s a sustainable choice for both commercial and residential exteriors:

  • Fiber cement panels are highly durable, and some products will last as long as 50 years, which saves on replacement materials and other resources.
  • Allura products are made with recycled materials as well as fibers from renewable resources.
  • Fiber cement from Allura is asbestos-free and is tested to the most stringent building code standards to offer home protection and better indoor health.
  • Fiber cement from Allura also helps projects become eligible for LEED points.

Builders need the right materials to work with as the demand for more sustainable homes rises, and fiber cement siding offers them solutions.

The Future is Fiber Cement

4 Trends in Fiber Cement for 2021

We’ve been watching fiber cement siding trends in years past and expect to see even more exciting applications in the years ahead. “The rising middle-class population, coupled with increasing disposable incomes, has facilitated an expansion in the middle-class housing segment,” according to industry research. “Thus, there is an expected increase in the use of fiber cement, within the segment, during the forecast period.” Whether you need solutions for sustainable homebuilding or want to give homeowners options for exterior design, fiber cement offers plenty of inspiration. Updating a home’s exterior can bring big returns, and when homeowners invest in fiber cement siding, they’re guaranteed satisfaction in their design and long-lasting protection for their home.

Check out these other innovative home exterior designs in our gallery, or find out what other exterior trends we’re predicting for the year.