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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction


The right trim puts the finishing touch on a home exterior masterpiece. Whether it’s a new build or a facelift on an aging beauty, the last thing you want to do is have to retouch a botched job a few years down the line. Which is why it’s important to do the job right—the first time. Allura’s Tundra Trim installs easily, then works hard to stay looking good.

All the Best Aspects of Wood, with None of the Drawbacks

Wood’s a classic trim choice, but it’s not without its headaches. And scarcity of resources can make quality wood materials difficult to come by. Not to mention, organic materials will only hold up for so long before beginning to show their wear.

Tundra Trim

The fiber cement experts with the toughest siding on the block, Allura wanted a durable trim to match its strength—so they made one. Developed from patented mineral-based composite technology using specially engineered polymers, Tundra Trim provides the look and strength of wood without any of the concerns inherent in using organic materials.

Wood’s long-time nemesis, water, is no problem. The material contains no halogens and it won’t absorb water. So you can leave the rotting, cracking, warping, and corrosion concerns to the neighbors. There’s no meal for the termites, and water wipes away instead of seeping through to sprout fungus and mold.

That Means it Also Weathers the Storms

Tundra Trim may look like wood, but the mineral composite brushes off moisture and more extreme weather conditions, rather than inviting them in. Pounding rains, scorching sunlight, high humidity, freezing snows, and intense winds all virtually have the same damaging effects: none. Whereas lesser materials can become beaten down by the elements, Tundra lives up to its name in any geographical location.

Tundra Trim

Because weather-resistance is baked into the ultra-durable mineral composite material, there’s also virtually no concern of thermal expansion or contraction. Install Tundra Trim once, and Allura backs its performance for up to 25 years—an industry best.

That’s because Tundra Trim is built tough from the inside out. Its internal oriented fiber-like structure is blended using specially engineered polymers in a unique stretching process during manufacturing to deliver the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.

What Does That Mean for You?

Tundra Trim is lightweight and easy to work with, so installation won’t be a nightmare. You don’t need any specialized tools beyond what you’d typically use for wood trim. And as an added bonus, the air won’t be filled with dust particles as you cut and attach.

Tundra Trim

Then once it’s up, it’s not going anywhere easily. Heavy hailstorm? Free-solo climbing critter? Errant golf ball soaring toward the building at 100 miles an hour? Tundra Trim will stand against it all.

Oh, and One More Thing. How About Seamless Perfection?

Whereas other trim options leave inevitable seams along most two-story buildings, Tundra Trim’s 18-inch length makes for seamless second-story installation.

And because Tundra won’t absorb water, it’s also the first trim that can be installed up against roof shingles or down to the ground without the necessary 1-inch gap up top or 6-inch gap above the finish grade.

Tundra Trim
Winter Snow Suburban Large Home Sunny Day Blue Sky

That means, you can get exactly the design aesthetic you want, built to last for decades to come.

So, Where and When Can You Get It?

Tundra Trim is set to make its market debut at the end of the year, first in Boston, then rolling out nationally later in 2021. So if you’re looking for the best building materials around or live in a locale that demands the highest durability the industry has to offer, Allura’s new Tundra Trim is going to be well worth the wait.

Don’t settle for a lesser material. Tundra Trim offers decades of structural integrity and like-new appearances, while expanding the possibilities of traditional trim’s offerings.

Get ready for the next innovation in residential trim technology. To learn more about Tundra Trim’s capabilities for your own home design, click here. Then bookmark it for your future material needs.