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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction


If you're in the market of building and selling healthy and clean homes, Utopia editors and our housing market experts offer three valuable resources with actionable advice and data. All three are available for free download on demand.

Report #1. Healthy Homes: Stealing Market Share From Resales, by the New Home Trends Institute

Healthy Homes, Stealing Market Share From Resales, by the New Home Trends Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated demand among homebuyers for healthy home features, and it’s not just about indoor air quality anymore. Download this new 34-page research report with insights from 1,240 homeowners surveyed by the New Home Trends Institute.
Learn about:

  • Top healthy home features and “wants” by buyer segment
  • Design ideas for healthy homes
  • Products and technologies that support health/wellness
  • Advice on how to market and sell healthy homes
  • Healthy home market drivers
  • How builders are catering to the health/wellness market

Download the PDF report

Report #2. 2021 Healthy and Clean Homes Survey, by the UTOPIA editorial team

2021 Healthy and Clean Homes Survey, by the UTOPIA editorial team

UTOPIA surveyed 149 builders and residential designers to learn their thoughts on healthy homes. Their answers suggest that builders are certainly engaged in constructing and selling new homes that offer these benefits, but also that there’s little consensus about what should be included.
The report highlights:

  • Who’s marketing healthy homes
  • 10 most common standard healthy home features
  • 10 most common healthy home options and upgrades
  • 10 healthy home features least offered by builders
  • Healthy and clean home innovations
  • Biggest healthy home pain points for builders

Download the PDF report

Report #3. 5 Things Builders Need To Know About Selling Healthy Homes, by Rise (


Product marketing is full of "greenwashing" terms, without much in the way of specifics or evidence. Consumers are getting more wary of false advertising, but they still want products and services that fit their values. So, how do you talk to homeowners and homebuyers about sustainability, energy efficiency, and healthy home features? Two ways: One, be specific, and two, focus on outcomes that are real and impactful. Instead of "eco-friendly," consider terms like "low footprint" or "low emissions." In lieu of "energy efficient," try something like "money-saving" or "comfort. Perfecting the terminology used in your sales and marketing efforts is a big first step to success in selling green, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes.

Download the PDF report