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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction

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The goal of home construction has remained constant for centuries: to meet homeowners’ needs and provide long-term, reliable comfort and performance. Photo courtesy Eric Lucero Photography

Life today isn’t the same as it was 50 years ago and neither is an effective builder’s approach to constructing a home. Technology, recent global events, and the state of the environment and other factors are top-of-mind for builders in 2021, on top of the traditional criteria accounting for the total process.

The Mitsubishi Electric Performance Construction Team approaches contemporary challenges with cutting edge solutions. We use a building-science approach treating a home as a working system with all HVAC components working together to achieve ultimate efficiency and indoor environmental quality. We know how important the right HVAC system can be when it comes to a home’s performance and overall health.

Ultimately, the goal of home construction has remained constant for centuries: to meet homeowners’ needs and provide long-term, reliable comfort and performance. However, your preferences and priorities have changed since your parents’ generation and building industry professionals must adapt accordingly.

The Many Functions of Home

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our living habits. Not only are we spending more time at home than ever before, but our living spaces are changing, too. Your bedroom doubles as your home office, and your dining room is a classroom.

Mitsubishi Electric products are designed to maximize comfort. Our mini- and multi-split heat pump systems allow for customization of zoning options and enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ) with advanced, multi-stage filtration in each zone. Zoning prevents hot and cold spots, something you’ll definitely appreciate when you’re home for a few more hours per day than you used to be.

New Energy, New Incentives

Strategic electrification efforts have been a wake-up call for cities and municipalities on the many sustainability benefits of clean energy. Removing combustion from home systems reduces carbon emissions and improves IAQ. In many areas, utilities are offering incentives and rebates for efficient system adoption.

Because our heat pumps efficiently use electricity instead of fossil fuel, they’re better for the planet and better for your energy bill! And what if you live in a cold-climate area, where freezing conditions occur? We have an innovation for that, too: Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) plus technology. H2i plus technology performs at 100% capacity in outdoor ambient temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit with continued operation down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Mitsubishi Electric Performance Construction Team is comprised of industry experts who thoughtfully incorporate these sustainable technologies and methods into their home design practices and design the ideal mini- and multi-split heat pump system for your home and your unique comfort preferences. Additionally, we provide guidance on high-performance building practices, going above and beyond to improve quality standards and add value for homeowners.

If you’re constructing a home, we would love to partner with your builder to provide support and products for you to enjoy reduced energy use, optimized comfort and ultimate peace of mind.

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