The Value of Metal Roofing

July 17, 2018
Metal roof on building
Photo: Unsplash/Dmitri Popov

Metal roofing is becoming a more popular choice for homeowners. A new article weighs the pros and cons of this latest trend.

One thing metal has over other roofing options is that it lasts longer. Cedric Stewart, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Capital Properties in Washington, D.C. points out, "Rubber and asphalt shingles are fine for 15 to 20 years, but they'll deteriorate over time, due to weather, wind, heat, insects, and rodents," whereas metal roofs typically last more than 50 years, reports. Yet, metal roofs are noisier. Homeowners seeking to cut the clatter can invest in noise-reducing materials at additional cost. 

Don't be alarmed if your contractor does a happy dance when you say you've chosen metal roofing. "[It's] lightweight and comes in panels, which can be cut to exact dimensions—all of which make installation easier than other materials," says Andrew Hecox, owner of Air Capital Roofing and Remodeling in Wichita, Kan. And you can sometimes place metal over existing shingles, which cuts down on the costs in time and labor of removing the old roofing, he adds.

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