Video Games And Role Playing Help To Build Affordable Housing

February 9, 2016

Video games are a huge industry as evidenced by Grand Theft Auto V as it crossed the $1 billion mark to become the largest entertainment release of all time. Even though games like Grand Theft Auto are purely for entertainment, with such wide appeal, wouldn’t it make sense that they could help in the business sector, as well?

Well, it turns out it does make sense, and it has even been put to use already, according to CityLab. When bickering and frustration begins to boil over between various groups involved in development plans, the arguing can lead to a stalemate that lasts for weeks or months. But new software and some good old-fashioned role-playing can help.

If someone has a concern about a particular aspect of a project, it can be plugged into the software and then be run in numerous iterations, providing instant feedback and reducing frustration between stakeholders.

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