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The Stanley pendant may look like is a simple, hand-spun light fixture, but the product takes almost 5 hours to make and requires six people and three machines.

Produced by British lighting brand Original BTC, the Stanley Pendant was initially brought to life by simply sketching ideas, exploring different metals and materials, and identifying and achieving the desired look and feel, the company says.

The “spinning” process gives Stanley its shape. “This is where formed block (in the shape of the Stanley shade) is mounted to a lathe, then a metal disc is then clamped to the block,” the company explains. “The lathe is then turned on which spins both the block and the metal disc. The disc then has localized force applied by the operative with a tool (known as a spoon), gradually forcing the discs against the shaped block so the disc ends up taking the shape of the block.”

Original BTC Making Of The Stanley pendant

Original BTC uses solid brass and copper to produce the lights instead of plastics or “inferior materials” and plating them. The company applies a clear lacquer to the end products, so they do not tarnish and look the same as they did when first purchased.

“We like consistency and have very high levels of quality but with our products no one product is identical,” Peter Bowles, managing director. “Our products are all handmade and therefore there will always be variation, but this is what gives our products character.”

Available in brass, copper or brass nickel plated, the Stanley comes in three sizes—an 8-inch, 10.75-inch, and 13-inch—and in a hammered or smooth, reflective finish.

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