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As ODL celebrated its 75 anniversary at IBS 2020, PRODUCTS spoke with representatives about the company’s new and innovative designs, including the sleeker look for its Zeel doorglass frame collection and Blink Blinds + Glass, a blinds-between-glass system for windows.

Introduced last year, Zeel now comes in four new sizes. After listening to consumers, ODL designed Zeel to have a sleeker, more modern build, according to Julie Pruiett, marketing manager for ODL. For an even cleaner profile, Zeel features a clip installation system that gets rid of screws and screwhole plug covers, and the foam sealant used prevents oozing in hot weather.


Another product ODL offers is Blink Blinds + Glass, which are insulated, blinds-between-glass panels that are designed for windows. Because the cordless blind system is set inside the glass panels, the company says the product increases safety while creating a streamlined look. If a consumer wants to customize the look, Ken Jordan, the national sales manager for ODL, says that they can choose from different sizes and colors available.

Though consumers cannot buy the products by themselves, homeowners can specify that manufacturers use Zeel glassdoor frames and Blink Blinds + Glass.

Watch the video to learn more. 



Nigel Maynard: So we're here at the booth of ODL at IBS, and I'm talking to Julie Pruitt, who is the marketing manager for ODL, and this is especially good for you guys because you have two cool new products as well as a big announcement. 

Julie Pruiett: Well. we're really excited about IBS this year because

we're celebrating our 75th anniversary, and with that we have this beautifully designed door glass tell us what Zeel is. 

NM: How is it different from what's already in the market/?

JP: Well Zeel is specifically our frame that comes on all of our decorative door glass. And Zeel is unique this year because it is a low profile. We listened to our customers need to get away from that traditional profile. So this is a more sleek modern look. 

NM: So in then a typical door glass that we've seen in the big box, the frame is kind of bulky and the screws are exposed you have to plug them with the bump. But Zeel is different? So explain how the assemble for this door is different.


A clip system eliminates screws and screw hole plug covers

JP: That's right. The assembly for this door is different. So along with having a beautiful frame, we have technology behind it that gives it its unique qualities. So we have a clip system that gets rid of all of those screws and those screw hole plug covers that look unsightly. We also have a great sealing system which is a foam gasket. You're never going to have any of that oozing in that hot extreme environment. And also because of that new clip system, it goes together much easier okay

NM: So now you don't sell these door glass to consumers in most cases you're selling…?

JP: Right, we're a component of the door. 

NM: So there are typical door companies that might have your system.

JP: That's right, so they would order any kind of decorative glass with the new ZEEL frame, and they can get anything that they want for their front door.

NM: Okay, so for the homeowner or the homebuyer, what are some of the benefits to this the frame?

JP: The frame disappears and they can focus on the design of the glass which is what they're going for in their beautiful entryway. 

NM: Okay, so it's more about aesthetics for the consumer. So when is this gonna be available?

JP: We're rolling it out. We're in production now.

NM: So if someone is buying a door from, let's say Jeld-Wen, it's a couple of

booths over, they can go in and say, okay can you get Zeel frame on any of our door glass?

JP: That's correct. 

NM: So the next product is not for the door is for the window?

JP: Right. That’s Blink Blinds + glass. 

NM: Okay, and so your colleague can who's gonna tell us about. Let's go over and see what Ken has to say for himself.


Blink: a blind between the glass system

NM: Okay so Ken, I just met with your colleague Julie to show Zeel, a cool new product, but you said you also have a  product for us?

Ken Jordan:  Absolutely. What we have today is Blink,  which is a blind between the glass system. It's an insulated glass IG, our insulated glass, with the blinds enclosed in between them. So in essence, you get a a more secure, safe product, and a more modern approach to blinds between the glass.

NM: So tell me how is went different from what's currently available?

KJ: Well, it's the first opportunity to have a successful product available for windows, and it's available in all types of windows. So you can have your casement windows, your slider, and windows, your double hung and single hung windows, like we have here. And one of the great things about this product it is not only does it tilt open, but you also can raise and lower the product so you pull it out of your way when you want lighting to come in and you also can close it for privacy.

NM: So the first movement on this is the tilt feature, correct? 

KJ: That's correct. The first movement is to open it, so you get your light in. 

NM: o you can tilt without going up?

KJ: Yep, without going up and then that Flotilla opens and closes to control your light and privacy.


When will Blink be available?

NM: When is point available on windows?

KJ: Blink is available now in windows, which is available through all the major window manufacturers in the market today. It can be made in custom sizes so it can be made for your existing home to fill the opening that exists so you get custom sizes and different colors, and different energy performance as well.

NM: So Blink I imagine is the same deal as deal that we just saw in terms of way to get it so consumer the home buyer whoever's buying a door they can't buy Blink, but when they're buying their windows then can ask the window manufacturer to make sure they're using the blink. 

KJ: Absolutely, and it's available through all the channels that the window manufacture sale including home centers as well as normal distribution channels.

NM: So, again blink is part of that 75th anniversary? 

KJ: Absolutely. it's continuation of the history of ODL innovation and great products, and Blink is a part of that innovation.

Nm: Ok, well Ken, thank you very much.