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At Design & Construction Week 2019, we spoke with three residential construction pros about the design features trending in their markets. From Virginia to Texas, see what's hot in the video above.

Featured PROs:

Chris Hartley, VP of sales and marketing for Trendmaker Homes, Dallas, Texas

Jonathan Smith, owner of Brush Arbor Home Construction, Ashburn, Virginia

Kim Lewis, founder of Kim Lewis Designs, Austin, Texas


My name is Chris Hartley from Dallas, Texas. I'm Jonathan Smith owner of brush Harbor home construction in Northern Virginia my name is Kim Lewis I'm a designer based in Austin Texas white painted brick the second biggest trend that we would have would be the brass fixtures that you're seeing on plumbing and lighting third one would be white stacked cabinets when we do tall ceilings in Texas it's not uncommon to have 10-foot tall ceilings with cabinets going all the way to the top besides just a general trend of very contemporary they want lots of light lots of indoor/outdoor space you know patio stepping straight out from your family room you get a lot of baby boomers that are looking for smaller but nicer they want high quality no maintenance more than that they want what they want and they're willing to spend on it I would say wallpaper is really trending right now people are more excited about color and pattern on the walls really fun more hand like fire clay tiles open floor plan is still in but we are seeing places where people want to have a little bit of quiet space so we're we're seeing you know nooks being introduced in architectural plans yes they are not popular in everybody now yes linear drains I don't even know what that is yes yes painted cabinets are all the rage we're seeing white we're seeing hunter green we're seeing Navy very popular not a whole lot of blue but yes some of it a lot of grand white yes oh no threshold yeah that's actually extremely popular we do build active adult as well that's extremely popular no some of those yes and a lot of the toilets that do what they do in Europe.


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