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During the pandemic, F.H. Perry Builder started using the QR code-generator Tapple to check subcontractors in and out of the jobsite. 

The builder’s director of finance and operations, Angela Prizio, says it helps save time with COVID-related operations but they will likely continue using it after the pandemic. 

Watch the video above to learn more or read the transcript below.



Prizio: We are using Tapple which is a qr scanner service that we came about knowing during the pandemic, at the very beginning stage of the pandemic. And it's similar to when you go to a restaurant and you get your cellphone and you're scanning for a menu. A lot of these restaurants and other companies are using this now, but what we use it for is check-ins.

When COVID happened, we had to take people's temperatures and we had to have them
check in. obviously if we can have them avoid touching a pen and touching other things, and scanning the code themselves with their phone, logging in the temperature that we've given them, after we take it. And then also the most important thing was the contact tracing, so it was just a very easy way to integrate that. 

If something happened and someone had an exposure, we were able to just go into those records immediately and get every other person that they had come in contact with pretty much on demand. And in a normal situation, I know there's probably some people that might listen
to this and realize how crazy it is when you're trying to think about how many people you've come in contact with every day. So for us it was a no-brainer.

And we got the service during the pandemic and we're actually thinking that we're going to keep it after everything settles down—which looks like it's happening soon—for other things and so those are TBD.


Pro Remodeler: How do contractors like scanning a QR code?

Prizio: They walk on the jobsite, they scan the little picture that's hanging on the wall. If it saves them two minutes a day, I mean, we're happy. I think it's one of those things that was more of a pain for them to probably have to stop and check in, so we've just taken a little bit of that burden off of their day and a little bit of that burden off of the field employees day.


Pro Remodeler: What’s the cost?

Prizio: The cost is pretty low-entry. [There’s] some setup time and then it's about $200 per site, and that's for one use. So for our specific use that we were using for the COVID scanning at check-in, that was $200, but if you're going to use it for tracking inventory, then that would be another fee for that.

It's very affordable for the efficiency that it provides.


Pro Remodeler: Where did you learn about Tapple?

Prizio: At a Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston meeting. Another person there had mentioned this technology and somehow ended up in my email and we checked it out and we've had it since.