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PRODUCTS editor Nigel Maynard chats with an architect and production builder about what classifies as "good design" and how builders can add more of it in the homes they build.

Alaina Money-Garman, CEO of Garman Homes and Fresh Paint by Garman Homes located in Cary, NC joins Rame Hruska, AIA, co-founder and principal of Intexure Architects and Boxprefab located in Houston, TX.

"Good design exists at all price points," says Money-Garman. "It's difficult. It's always a trade-off, but I think that that forces us to be good editors. I think when you have a blank checkbook, that good design sort of flies out the window. Good design exists at all price points, but I think when you have more restraints, you're forced to make decisions about the design narrative or the design aesthetic you're trying to achieve."

Fresh Paint by Garman Homes focuses on affordable homes built with thoughtful, considerate, and beautiful designs. Since the company, and its parent company, opened, the builders have not needed to spend much on advertising, as their business comes heavily from referrals.

"I think the people that we're working with generally come to us because they like what we do," says Hruska. "And I think good design encompasses—touching on what Alaina said—it encompasses more than just the aesthetics, too. It's resiliency, durability, sustainability, how the space feels and function. All of that really plays into the overall design."

Intexure opened its doors in 2001 and has since won the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Systems Building Council Design Award in 2019, CID Award Winner for Sustainable Design in 2017, AIA Houston Design Award in 2014, and more.

Hruska and her co-founder husband opened Boxprefab after starting Intexure in order to find a more cohesive building process that finds solutions to site-built construction.


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