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In its 100th year, the KitchenAid brand is debuting its first-ever connected smart appliances, including the Smart Oven+ with powered accessories.

The Smart Oven+ wall oven is compatible with a grillng surface, steamer, and baking stone that plug into the back of the oven for specific cooking capabilities. It also offers baking, broiling, and the company's Even-Heat True Convection capabilities. The oven can be controlled via a 4.5-inch LED screen, a smartphone app, or through voice with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The oven is available in single, double and combination oven configurations.

Also bringing smart capabilities to the kitchen is the KitchenAid Smart Display, a 10-inch countertop display that has features such as step-by-step recipe instructions, shopping lists and smart home control. The display has a touch screen and also hands-free control through Google Assistant voice control.


It's our hundred year anniversary for the KitchenAid brand it's our first year where we're launching connectivity so one of the big innovations that we have is the KitchenAid smart oven that oven not only is got incredible cooking performance because it's KitchenAid I cannot bril endure you could steam you could do you know pizza baking and a little bit more of an artisan way through some of the accessories that we're launching and finally we've got a KitchenAid smart display that I think is going to be like the sous chef in the kitchen

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