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Jackie Graniczny, director of design for Sublime Homes, explains how her company built this model home with classical and modern elements such as textured wall tiles and high-gloss floating vanities.

A modified version of their Elizabeth” plan, the model in Saint John's is a great representation of Sublime Home’s design style because the company had complete artistic control over the design. In order to increase storage and maximize its Carrera Quartz counter space, Graniczny’s team expanded the kitchen walls from the original “Elizabeth” plan to create a “U-shaped” countertop. Other standout details from the kitchen include an exposed-hose articulating single-handle kitchen sink and a hexagonal-shaped marble backsplash.


Even the butler’s pantry gets a quality treatment: the design team used navy-blue stain on floating oak shelves to accent the watercolor-inspired floral tiles.

“Everyone who came to the model loved that,” Graniczny says of the floral tiles. “My electrician went home and showed his wife. They got that on their backsplash.”

The master bathroom is detail-packed. With its hexagonal shape and white metallic finish, the 3D wall behind the freestanding tub commands a strong presence in the master bath. Hints of grey pull the room together, from the tub apron to the large-format, faux marble porcelain tile floor--which Graniczny says resists chipping and does not need a sealant like real marble does. White, on the other hand, takes center stage in the set of high-gloss floating cabinetry, while black on the crown molding and interior doors acts as an accent.


By combining luxury and cost-saving techniques, Graniczny says they are able to create custom homes that check off a client’s wish list while fitting in the budget. In this model in particular, they installed a gas fireplaces to save cost and space in a living room. Another affordable design choice is the black-painted molding, which Graniczny described as a “cost-saving but bold” detail that adds a pop to the room

“One thing I try to do with the models is to get people talking. When we have open houses, I want people to remember our house,” Graniczny says of the fashion-forward choices like the black molding and hexagonal tiles. “At the end of the day, they’re going to remember Sublime’s houses because of their details.”



Hi there. I'm Jacqueline grandma C design director for sublime homes and I'd like to welcome you to our first ever episode of this live house where we're gonna take a peek inside of our latest home we just finished and our newest development the Rose Garden let's go see for my favorite design features start with the heart of the home the kitchen so many beautiful design details in this space we wanted to showcase a spin on our traditional Elizabeth models galley kitchen with expanding the kitchen walls back to create excuse shaped layout that offers continuous countertop and ample storage surrounding the cook on all three sides by concealing the microwave in a phase cabinet we are keeping the counters clutter free the kitchen is a mix of plastic materials such as the white Pina cabinetry marble hexagon . pattern backsplash Carrera cords counter tops along with modern touches of the black high-gloss cased openings the play up on the exposed those on the articulating single handle kitchen faucet finally the jewelry for the space the beautiful polish silver and white share shades chandeliers the butler's pantry take a close look at the backsplash tile almost looking like artwork the watercolor inspired floral design brings a pop of soft muted blue tones into the space to complete the love we stain the oak floating shelves and the navy blue stain whoo when I want to retreat in this master bathroom every day so many layers of details to talk about the bamboo wall is full of style of with a high-gloss floating cabinetry with polish large format tile at your feet we pleated in a faux marble finish all the style with that thought now let's talk about the master tub area the white X porcelain wall tile transforms this wall into a statement piece this hexagonal tile with a white metallic finish and 3d pattern creates movement enlivens up this wall featured behind the freestanding tub with the charcoal color apron this charcoal colornot only harmonizes the gray hue vaniain the faux marble but also highlights the high-gloss black millwork found in the crown molding and interior doors in Casey.


Thank you for watching a first hour episode of this slime house we hope that you find these videos inspiring and look forward to sharing many more with you in the future.