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Ply Gem showcased large patio doors at the 2019 International Builders' Show, including its MaxView Sliding Patio Door. We spoke with VP of Marketing Mark Montgomery about the door, which features modern, 3/4-inch sight lines and can be opened and closed via remote or smartphone.

The company also features numerous ways to create colored windows, including aluminum cladding, coextrusion, PVC foil, and heat-resistant paint. According to Montgomery, dark colors, such as bronzes and blacks are "all the rage" for windows and doors.

Ply Gem recently merged with NCI Building Systems to form Cornerstone Building Brands. Read more about the new company here.


Well, we're showcasing a number of new products the big trends this year really around color exterior color interior color in windows and doors and big big patio doors our max euwe patio door is something very unique also kind of a Euro design more modern very narrow sight lines only 3/4 of an inch on the styles as you can imagine some of these doors get very heavy so while they can be moved pretty easily once they're set in place we automate some of these larger doors to make it really easy they= can be done either with a handheld remote or a wall-mounted remote or your phone most of these windows are light commercial rated and our patio doors are our max use and Elsie 35 we kind of do all the ways that you can get color on divine on windows so we do an aluminum cladding we also do Co extrusion which is something unique where we actually Co extrude the color into the extrusion process then we do foiling where we put a PVC foil over the top of it to get it color and finally we do paint we have some heat reflective paints that we do so we can do dark colors which is all the rage bronzes blacks that's what everybody wants right now.

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