Virtual Tools Bring Unprecedented Growth for Home Builders

July 28, 2020
Person holding a tablet up to empty wall and seeing a virtual sink appear
By ipopba

One California-based on-site home builder received nearly half of its second quarter net orders through virtual appointments, resulting in 20% growth. Another custom home designer and builder set up a digital home configurator where buyers can design their homes, and the company has seen substantial growth. Virtual tools are bringing in hundreds of users a week at some businesses, according to Forbes. These tools have not only proven to be helpful during the pandemic, but may shape the future of homebuying. Read more to see how some builders have gone digital.

And, although I have surprised myself with my online shopping habits, I haven’t ordered a home. Yet. Many home builders are creating processes that are leading more and more to a complete online experience for the home buyer.

Linda Mamet is chief marketing officer at TRI Pointe Group, a California-based on-site home builder, and shares some of the company’s recent digital success. Almost half of the net orders in the second quarter were captured via virtual and one-on-one appointments with an online sales team, which is up more than 20% from the first quarter. Plus, that growth is during the company’s second largest historical sales month, with 624 net new home orders in June.

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