Web Site Offers Tips on Affordable Design

The Affordable Housing Design Advisor is a Web site.

By Meghan Stromberg, Senior Editor | September 30, 2002


The Affordable Housing Design Advisor is a Web site (www.designadvisor.org) dedicated to helping the building community create, finance and build good affordable housing that:


  • meets the residents' needs.

  • understands and responds to its context.

  • enhances its neighborhood.

  • is built to last.

    Originally developed with funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the site "doesn't just tell people about a good idea, but also shows them how to do it," says Deane Evans, FAIA, who created the site and now manages it with the site's original advisory board.

    The site explains what constitutes good design and why it's important, and then tells users how to achieve it with its 20 Steps to Design Quality and other tools. The Design Consideration Checklist details 60 key design considerations in nine categories, including parking, building appearance, and public and private outdoor spaces.

    The Gallery feature is a great resource containing more than 80 detailed case studies complete with photographs, sketches, histories and descriptions, key players and contact information, and costs.

    Demystifying Density is the next topic on which the site's developers are working, thanks to a grant from Fannie Mae.

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