Week 2 Results: An update to our Coronavirus Business Impact Survey

March 30, 2020
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Profession Builder

After two weeks and more than 1,500 responses to our coronavirus business impact survey, here's an update on how home builders, remodelers, and contractors are managing the crisis.


1. Business Impact 

Business Impact Week 14
Once considered mostly moderate or minor, the business impacts of COVID-19 are more likely to be severe for most builders and remodelers.


2. Precautionary Measures Taken

Disruption Day 14
Builders and remodelers are taking multiple (and appropriate) measures to "flatten the curve," though have surged a little bit in closing models and sales centers.


3. Project Disruption

Disruption Day 14
Public uncertainty continues to be the most disruptive force, but others have crept up, as well, for most builders and remodelers.


4. Actions Taken

Actions Taken Week 14
Fewer and fewer builders and remodelers claim to have made no changes in production or sales activities, while more are ceasing work on homes in progress or starting new homes — in some cases due to local permitting and inspection office closures or slowdowns.