Western Window Systems Brings in the Fresh Air with Multi-Slide Doors

May 8, 2015

In Phoenix, Ryland Homes uses the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door to connect the interior with the outside

Getting a quicker lead time and a reduced price, the Phoenix division of Ryland Homes is taking advantage of Western Window Systems’ Volume Program. The company uses Western Windows Systems’ multi-slide doors as an option on all houses they build.

Many buyers are enjoying that multi-slide door option for their homes, according to Darin Hughes, vice president of operations at Ryland Homes. A popular choice is the Series 600 aluminum multi-slide door.

“The Volume Program has been very helpful for us to offer their doors and be assured that the pricing is fair and we can get the door when we need it,” Hughes says. Ryland Homes has tried different door suppliers for previous projects, but they prefer the consistency and quality of products with Western Window Systems, he says.

Customers get to see and feel the impact the door has on the space when Ryland shows off its homes, which all include at least one large multi-slide door. “These doors, when coupled with an inviting yard, make a big impression on customers,” Hughes says.

In Phoenix, the doors are particularly beneficial because of the warm weather there, offering Ryland and its customers the chance to connect the indoors with the outdoors. “With the Western doors, we have been able to showcase our open floor plans with a solution for our homeowners to bring the outdoors in,” Hughes said.

Multi-slide doors were particularly beneficial in Ryland Homes’ design for Cooley Station, a community in southeast Gilbert, Ariz. “There is a common courtyard on the front of the houses. The area between houses creates a private 10 ft. wide yard. We have offered a 20 ft. x 8 ft. multi-slide door to the private 10 ft. side-yards,” describes Hughes. “The whole feel and environment of the interior and the exterior changes with the multi-slide door. It makes it feel like the outside is coming in.”

The size of the doors had an impact on what Ryland could achieve with the design. ”The multi-slide doors are beneficial by creating a large opening when the door is opened. With the standard doors, we are limited to an opening of 4 to 5 feet,” Hughes says. “A 20 ft. wide multi-slide door can be opened to 15 feet. Rooms feel so open with a multi-slide door when the doors are open or closed.”