Westin Homes Uses Privacy Windows to Set Homes Apart

By Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company | April 17, 2017

What more can I do to make my homes unique and even more appealing to home buyers? The simple answer may surprise you.

You've asked yourself the question a thousand times: what more can I do to make my homes unique and even more appealing to home buyers? The simple answer may surprise you. Designer privacy windows.

Available for use throughout the entire home, cost-effective privacy window options range from etched or silk screened glass designs to true glass block to acrylic block. The wide variety of style choices and sizes gives you the opportunity to incorporate privacy windows into any room.

In the competitive Texas marketplace, Westin Homes has discovered a "secret weapon" for helping their homes stand out: decorative privacy windows from Hy-Lite®.

Westin Homes constructs 750 homes each year in neighborhoods and master planned communities. To offer homebuyers a unique option for their master bathrooms, the company uses the Hy-Lite Model Home/Design Center Program to showcase Baroque, Prairie and Metro styles from the Home Designer CollectionTM in their model homes.

"The style of these windows is transitional, which ties in perfectly to the architectural styles of our homes," says Erin Riley, design director for Westin Homes. "These privacy windows appeal to a very broad audience and help buyers customize their homes to set themselves apart in a neighborhood.

"Baroque, with its dramatic design inspired by classic and modern tile, is our most popular choice by homebuyers.  The simple elegance of the Prairie style comes in as a close second. The Metro style was inspired by modern architecture and features a bold three-dimensional design. All of the windows feature silkscreened tempered privacy glass with clear lines to create memorable designs, while textured exterior privacy glass provides seclusion.

"Most homeowners are shocked that windows with this much style are available for such a reasonable price. The windows are an outrageous deal."

Riley relates that the Prairie style opaque window in the Home Designer Collection complements the clear glass window package in several of her company's homes --- which also feature Prairie style lines. "Privacy windows like these can be used instead of decorative stained glass details in the home at a more affordable cost point," says Riley. "From our perspective, these designer windows set our homes apart; they're the next best thing in privacy windows. Period."

From a design outlook, Mary Mansour, Model Interior Decorator with Westin Homes, agrees with Riley. "The subtle etching details and patterns on these windows are 'just enough' to add an element of luxury and custom look that today's master bath areas demand," says Mansour. "The designs bring a bit of architectural appeal to the bathroom setting that our buyers find both refreshing and extremely functional."

The Home Designer Collection (which also includes a Mission style) includes fixed silkscreened windows in a variety of sizes, including 48" x 48", 48" x 12", 36" x 60" and 24" x 24".

Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company, offers its Model Home/Design Center Program for builders nationwide. For details on this program, call 888.256.2599. For additional information on Hy-Lite decorative glass, acrylic block and glass block windows, visit www.hy-lite.com