What Cities Have the Most Affordable Family Homes?

July 9, 2020
Parents with child smiling in front of home
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Those looking for a family home must consider an area’s safety, available education, and expenses beyond mortgage to find the true cost of homeownership. SmartAsset has identified the best cities for affordable family homes by comparing 100 of the largest U.S. cities across seven criteria. Some of the study’s key findings include more than a third of cities ranked in the top 25 are in Texas, and 64.7% of owner-occupied homes have only two or three bedrooms. Top 10 winners include cities in Virginia, Kentucky, and Arizona. Read more to see the top ranking cities for affordable family homes. 

In this study, SmartAsset identified some of the best cities to buy an affordable family home. We looked at 100 of the largest U.S. cities across seven metrics. Specifically, we considered the percentage of homes with at least two bedrooms, the five-year change in homeownership rate, two affordability metrics and three livability statistics. For details on our data sources and how we put all the information together to create our final rankings, check out the Data and Methodology section below.

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