What Does it Mean to Be Lean?

Builder Jim Deitch explains why Lean is vital.
By By Jim Deitch, COO, Southern Crafted Homes | January 31, 2010

I would encourage all of you to embrace the Lean building concept. In theory, the concept is quite simple: to be as efficient and effective as possible in everything you do. That means conserving resources and energy; minimizing input and maximizing output; and, most important, eliminating waste. A good analogy for Lean is to imagine being stranded on a mountaintop, snowed in and cold, with one bottle of water and a nutritional energy bar. You know help is on the way, but it's going to take at least 48 hours, so you need a plan to conserve energy and make your resources last. Lean is much the same way: it's about cutting out the fat in your organization while maximizing your return on investment. It pertains to both overhead and direct cost. And each nugget you find has compounded effects.

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