What Will It Be Like to Live in the World’s Tallest Condo?

September 19, 2019
Way up high view from Central Park Tower condo
Photo: courtesy Extell

Seventy million dollars can get you on the 123rd floor of the world’s tallest residential building where you can be almost 1,550 feet above the garbage strewn and traffic snarled streets of New York City, looking down on passing helicopters and at sunrises and sunsets.

CNBC has a video of Central Park Tower, which will have a high-speed elevator capable of whisking residents up 131 floors in about 90 seconds, a gym, spa, restaurant, and a seven-story Nordstrom’s. The report also looks at the challenges for developers as they embark on selling $4 billion worth of condos in a weakening luxury market where one out of four units built in Midtown during 2018 remain empty.

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