What You Can't Ask

Familiarize yourself with the legal side of interviewing.
May 31, 2003
Subject Area
Examples of Unlawful Questions

Race or Color
Are you Puerto Rican?
What is your EEO status?

Marital/Parental Status
Are you married/single/divorced?
How many children do you have?
What are the ages of your children?

What is your maiden name?
Do you have a maiden name?

Residence/Financial Condition
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have significant debt?

Sex/Sexual Orientation
Do you wish to be addressed as Mrs., Ms., or Miss?
Do you have a significant other?

How old are you?
What is your date of birth?

Have you ever been arrested?

Religion or Creed
What is your religious denomination/affiliation?
What religious holidays do you observe?
This is a Catholc/Protestant/Jewish organization.

National Origin
Is that a Spanish surname?
What is your nationality?
Where are your parents from?
What is your family background?

Are you a naturalized or native-born citizen?
Do you have naturalization papers?
What is your citizenship status?

When did you graduate from high school?
When did you graduate from college?

What is your native language?
Is English a second language?
When/how did you learn French?

Are you disabled?
Do you have a handicap?
Have you ever been treated for cancer (or other disease/illness)?
Have you ever received worker's compensation?

To which social clubs, societies, and lodges do you belong?


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