Where Have All The Craftsmen Gone?

February 24, 2016

In an effort to shed some light on the growing labor shortage as it relates to residential construction and home improvement, HomeAdvisor conducted a survey among construction professionals, 93 percent of whom believe their business would grow over the next 12 months if not for hiring challenges. This survey discovered a few key findings related to reasons why younger generations do not appear to be very keen in pursuing any of the skilled trades.

Negative perceptions of these jobs and a lack of industry exposure are keeping Millennials, in particular, from pursuing these jobs. And 61 percent of respondents said there is a lack of exposure to professions in the skilled labor field for younger generations.

Another huge factor is the lack of mentoring, training, and apprenticeships currently available within these fields. Without the appropriate training being made readily available, it is very difficult to acquire the ‘skilled’ aspect of skilled labor.

To read the entire report, click the link below.

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